Peace of Mind.  That’s a big one.  When you’re able to give your client the proper coverage’s without breaking the bank.  Insurance is not repetitive.  Each client’s insurance needs are different, there’s no one policy that will fit everyone’s needs.  I especially like the challenge of finding and creating the perfect policy.

If I had to do it all again I certainly would.  In the past 20 years I’ve been blessed to share in the most cherished moments of people’s lives, from weddings, to the purchase of a new home and births of new babies.  I’ve also held hands and cried after a devastating loss.  Who would have thought that being an insurance agent could be so humbling?

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Isn’t it funny how life works out? Unless someone is willing to pay me to travel around the world and write reviews for wonderful restaurants, I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. I love my job.   
Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet thousands of people and touch their lives in ways that have been so interesting. I am quite sure that I have contributed to saving people hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively, and some of my closest friendships started through an insurance transaction.
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I’m 25. I want to travel the world, be creative and have endless free time to question my life, watch Netflix and hang out with my friends, but… I live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Here are some tactics I’ve practiced in order to save money. They haven’t made me rich, but some have created positive change in my life and all have given me more time to follow my passions. Here they are for Better (+) or Worse (-).

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Last year, the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project reported that net migration from Mexico to the United States “has stopped and may have reversed.” Mexicans can only hope that this trend included the highly skilled workers and researchers who have been moving to the United States in droves in recent years. Alas, that is unlikely.

Amid all the controversy in the United States over illegal immigration by low-skilled workers, few Americans recognize how significantly the influx of Mexican talent has benefited the United States—and how much it has hurt Mexico. The number of college-educated Mexicans living in the United States rose from some 300,000 in 2000 to 530,000 in 2010. This is a grievous loss in a country where the average citizen has only a little more than eight years of schooling. According to education researcher Alma Maldonado, Mexico has only 30,000 citizens with a PhD, and 11,000 of them live in the United States.

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Tilburg University professor Diederik Stapel was something of a star in the field of social psychology. His research on human behavior had achieved renown both in the Netherlands and abroad. One of his studies claimed that eating meat caused selfish and antisocial behavior. Another suggested that a “trash-filled” environment brought out racist tendencies in people. 

In September of 2011, Tilburg University suspended Stapel on suspicion of using fictitious data. Several of his colleagues complained that his numbers were just too good to be true. Young research assistants noted that Stapel refused to show them the raw data behind his research. After an investigation, the Levelt Committee released a report claiming that Stapel had fabricated or manipulated data in at least 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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James Bond is famous worldwide for his love of martinis and the ladies. But at six or seven drinks a day, the former was likely to hurt his odds with the latter.


After the last game of every season, we came into work for an exit physical. I sat down in front of the team doctors and our trainer, Greek, and went over my injuries for the year—anything that required treatment during the course of the season. It could be a minor training-camp injury or a season-ender. We discussed them all. They needed to document everything because some day some of us would file worker's-compensation claims, and the Broncos would pay out the settlements.